How to Create Unstoppable Email List Building Profit Funnels

Follow the step by step process for building unstoppable email list building Profit Funnels for your WordPress blog based business.  Get the exact steps you need to turn your blog into a long term profit solution today.

When you start a blog the goals you set should be twofold: Growing Your audience and growing your profits.  Unfortunately you can't have one without the other and this is where having a solid plan for Your business comes into play.

Getting subscribers and building an email list isn't hard.  What is hard is getting highly targeted subscribers who actually want to hear from you and buy what you are selling. 

Let's face it, there is a lot of noise out there and so much new content on the web every day that it gets really hard to focus.  People rarely buy the first time they see a new product.  They need to build trust and with that comes the need to build authority.

That is why you need to have a system in place that not just gets people to subscribe to your mailing list, but stay subscribed, and then buy your products or Affiliate products (you recommend to them) on a regular basis.

Sounds tough, but it isn't if you put all the right pieces in place and use your Blog's content effectively.  You can then help your Blog visitors become subscribers and make a lot of money in the process.​

It starts with creating effective Profit Funnels and in this post I will show you how.

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How to Create Unstoppable Email List Building Profit Funnels

The Money is in the List

People get tired of hearing this, but its true.  To create an effective Profit Funnel, you need an Email Marketing Subscriber List.  What's even more important to note is this is even more true today then it was 10 years ago.  

In order to get started online and be successful you need to build an Audience. Period.

And...the best way to start making money online when you don't have any money is to do it by building a list of...

Subscribers.  Leads.  Fans.  Followers.  

If you want to make money online people must know you or know your Brand.  They need to trust you and the authority you have so that every time you tell them to buy something, they click, buy, and buy again.

In the early days of the web, we could throw up a Blog really quick, write a few blog posts with Affiliate links in them, and BAM we would be making money.

Now those days are gone.  

Now you need to have a nicely structured website optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you have to get ranked in Google, get noticed on Social Media, pay for traffic to come to your website, etc, etc., etc...

And all of that is still a part of what you need to do to create a valuable long term business.


This is where the Email List comes in.

​The single best way to start a business online when you don't have a lot of time or money is through building a list of targeted prospects who not only stay subscribed to your mailing list, but buy from you on demand.

This might sound complicated, but it can be simple.  You just have to know what to do and how to do it.

You see, there is a very simple metric used by businesses when it comes to their Lists.

Its called Lead Value.

What is a Subscribers Value (or Lead Value)?

Every niche or business model attributes a value to each of its subscribers.

The industry standard is $1, but in some industries like insurance or home loans; the value per lead can be as high as $200.  Maybe even $1000 depending on the vertical you are talking about.

What this means is simple.  This is the value of each subscriber on your list based on how much money you can make from your entire Mailing List each month.

At a minimum, each Subscriber/ Lead on your mailing list is worth $1 per month in Profit.​

Example:  100 Subscribers = $100 per month or more in profit.

Example:  1000 Subscribers = $1000 per month or more in profit.

Example:  10000 Subscribers = $10000 per month or more in profit.

$1 per Subscriber is the minimum value for ANY mailing list.  In most cases the value is much, much higher.

This is why focusing your efforts on building a list from the very first day you start your blog is crucial to your long term success.

You can put money in your pockets within days of getting started and once it gets going, it continues to grow and grow and grow!

​The key is following the right Steps.  The right SYSTEM.

A System which take us to a pattern of growth where we not only hit our mark of creating a business which generates a consistent income of $100,000 per year; but also helps us put 90% of this business on autopilot.

Let's take a look...​

Building Profit Funnels

Profit Funnels

It doesn't matter what you sell.  Physical products, Digital, Affiliate, etc.  When You create an effective Profit Funnel You can literally put Your Profits on autopilot. 

A Profit Funnel is a way of turning traffic into Subscribers and then into buyers over and over again.  It doesn't matter when a visitor buys, but by using a Funnel like this you increase your chances of getting a sale and a long term subscriber.​

That being said, just like anything, the devil is in the details.  

The Profit Funnel System works because it does 3 things really well.

  • It turns Traffic into Leads (Subscribers)
  • Leads into Sales
  • Sales into More Sales! (more info on this coming soon, keep reading below)

The best thing about this "System" is what you DON'T NEED to Get Started:

  • Your Own Product
  • A Lot of Money (or time)

Profit Funnels can be used even if you don't have your own products and are just starting out.  That's why this system is perfect for anyone from Beginner to Advanced bloggers.

Let's dig into the details and show you how this actually works.

*(Have you Bookmarked this page yet?  If you haven't you need to now!  This is a working document.  This means it will continue to grow over time and the more we add, the more you will need to come back and learn even more of how to build your business online successfully).​

Step 1:  Find Profit Generating Affiliate Products

Profit Funnels - Step 1

You might be thinking..."Why am I looking at Affiliate Products first?  I thought we needed to building an Email Subscriber List?"

This is where a lot of people go wrong.  You see, if you don't know where you are going, it is very hard to get there.  In this case we want to find Affiliate Products which match our Niche and our Blog's focus. 

*Note:  You can use Your own Products and/ or Affiliate Products using Profit Funnels.  This is a system you can use for everything in your business!​

We want to promote products to our list which match up with what we want to blog about and are proven high value commodities.  In order to do that we need to do a little research. 

In some cases you may already know what products you want to promote.​

When getting started we look at products which can offer us the highest profit margins with the lowest barrier to entry for possible customers.

We don't want to have to create anything ourselves or spend any money yet, so the key is finding great products from product creators who have already done all the hard work for us.​

Digital products, e-courses, ​and software tend to provide the highest profit margins online and since they don't require shipping; they sell faster and easier then almost anything online.

The great thing about the internet is that new and exciting products like these are being created and launched each and every day.  Product creators are not just creating great new products, they are also optimizing sales funnels, optimizing profit margins, making sure all their sales processes are perfect so they can make the most money possible.

These same product creators then setup lucrative Affiliate Programs on sites like JVZoo, Clickbank, and others where you can get paid 50% to even 100% Commissions to promote their products and you can get paid these commissions on every product in their sales funnels.​

What's even better is finding the best products to promote (with high conversion rates) is easier then ever.

JVZoo Affiliate Product Conversion Rates

Between JVZoo and Clickbank alone, you can go on their sites and see conversion rates for product sales and even see the complete sales funnel conversion rates on JVZoo.​

What does this mean?

Here is an example.

If you send 100 people to an offer and 10 of them buy, then that product has a 10% Conversion Rate.  

The industry average is around 3%, but when you talk about finding products which are going to guarantee you profits, you want to look at more then just the conversion rate.  You want to look at all the metrics, especially things like the Refund rate before deciding on a product to promote.

When picking a product you need to look at the entire picture, not just how well it sells.

We have to look at how much money we can make versus how much we might have to spend to promote it.

We will dig into that more in Step 2 (Traffic), but for now we have to find products which give us a nice profit margin when promoting them and not need to have a huge mailing list to make money from them.

If you look at "Easy Sketch Pro" in the picture above, you can see it has an awesome Conversion Rate of 13.58%​ for the main product and a funnel conversion rate of over 20%.  This is huge!

With a front end product price of over $27 and a 50% Commission Rate for Affiliates, you can make $13.50 per sale and that is just on the first product in the sales funnel.

The overall funnel value is shown to be much higher with an EPC (Earned per Click) Value of $6.43 per click.

This means that for every click (potential customer) affiliates are sending to this offer, the overall average Profit is $6.43​.

Let's do the math.

If we we send 20 clicks to the offer, the average EPC Value tells us we would make $128.60 in profit.

If we would send 200 Clicks to the offer, we would make $1286 in profit!

​Would you say that offer is worth promoting?

I am sure you get the idea.  

By selecting quality products with proven sales records, high conversion rates, and good EPC's (with low Refund Rates)​; we can easily turn any Clicks we send to an offer into instant cash.

Its almost too easy, right?

Well there's a lot more.  Read on.​

Step 2:  Finding Quality Traffic

Profit Funnels - Step 2

There are 2 types of Traffic.

When we send clicks to an offer, those clicks need to be highly targeted clicks from people who are interested in what's being offered.  Without that this entire process means nothing.  This is why we need to acquire highly targeted traffic to push into our Profit Funnels.

Free Traffic and Paid Traffic.

Free Traffic

Free traffic isn't always the easiest to obtain, but there are a lot of great free traffic sources on the web right now and a few which are literally sending thousands of Free clicks to blogs.

One of those is Pinterest and the other is Facebook.

These two sources are the highest subscriber generating free traffic platforms on the web right now​ and they are the two I would recommend focusing on above all others.  *If you are a YouTube expert, this can be just as good or even better.

The great thing about both networks is they also offer great insights into Your Audience and they help you develop a great Customer Avatar.  This help You focus Your efforts greatly when you start shifting your efforts to paid traffic.

*You can get Free Access to Pinterest and Facebook training in the Starter Academy Free Resource section here at  Join for Free Here now!

Paid Traffic​

While most people work day and night to perfect their SEO Ranking and Social Media Pages and Postings; the reality is all web traffic ends up being Paid Traffic.

Whether you paid in cash or if you paid in time and effort; it all adds up in the end.

Time is money.

The one thing most people don't realize is that Affiliate Promotions are simply a Paid Traffic source for the product vendor.  They pay you a commission to bring in Traffic to their offers.

Now regardless of the objective, in order to get high quality and targeted traffic to Your Offers, You will have to pay in some way.

The key is understanding the cost and what you should and shouldn't pay.

At a minimum, in today's marketplace, you should be able to earn $2 for ever $1 you spend in advertising.  This is if Your are advertising in the right places to the right people.

My question to You is:  If you could earn $2 for every $1 you spent online​ in advertising, how much money would you spend on advertising?

The Answer?  As much as I can. Right?​

I mean, if You knew You could spend $1000 and get back $2000 for it every time you did it; that would be a no brainer right?

You would do it every day and never stop.  In fact, I am doing it right now and that might be why you are reading this post.

So what does this mean?

It means that Traffic is never a problem.  

The only problem you have with Traffic is finding the best source of traffic for your particular product or offer and then buy it every day for the rest of time.

We can get incredible traffic from sources like:

  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, YouTube, Etc.)
  • Search Engine Marketing - Pay Per Click (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Banner Ads
  • Guest Blogging
  • and many more!

All you need to do is look at the math again from Step 1.

If you knew You could make $6.43 per click on an offer​ get highly targeted Traffic for $1.50 per click, wouldn't you do that all day long every day?

That's easy money right?

Let's do the math.  If it costs me $1.50 per click, but I am making $6.43 per click...$6.43 - $1.50 = $4.93 Profit per click!

Understand that all you have to do is find the perfect Traffic source for a great Affiliate offer and then hit it all day long every day.

It is that easy.  It is getting there that's the hard part.

That is what we teach you here at  ​

We show you how to put the Traffic piece together to fit into the System.​

Understand this:  You can always promote Affiliate Products or your own products on your blog, but if you don't use a System, then you are leaving money on the table and you don't have a business.  You just have a blog with Affiliate links on it.

That is where building a Mailing List comes in.​

Step 3:  Lead Magnets & Building Your List

Profit Funnels - Step 3

Building your business begins and ends with having loyal customers who buy from you and buy again and again.

As we said above in the beginning, Profit Funnels are built in order to accomplish 3 very important tasks.  

  • They turn Traffic into Leads (Subscribers)
  • Leads into Sales
  • Sales into More Sales

You need to have a constant flow of new Subscribers... Leads... flowing into your Profit Funnels in order to build a following.  More subscribers equal more profits.  Remember, the money is in the list.


Because once you have a dedicated list of Buyers who hang on your every word and wait for your next email to hear your valuable advice....You now have Profits on tap.

An automatic way of making money more powerful then any other marketing method.

The best thing about it is.....Its Free!

Once someone is on your list, you can email them new offers as often as you want and you no longer need to pay for Traffic or advertise.

But, how do you get them on your list?

Lead Magnets

Optin Boxes... Squeeze Pages... Landing Pages... Content Upgrades...

When you offer something for Free, which has a high perceived value and can be quickly consumed, it pulls people into your Optin Box like Magnets. 

It is basically a Free Bribe to get people into your Profit Funnel and on Your Mailing list.​

This is why they are called Lead Magnets.

*You can see my site's most popular Content Upgrade - Lead Magnet below:

Once a person Opts-in and accepts your Free Offer...which can be an ebook, a cheatsheet, a short Video...they are now in your Profit Funnel.

Optin Forms from Thrive Leads

The critical element here is the Lead Magnet needs to be something your target Audience wants or needs.​  And Remember, a Lead Magnet can be used before or after or as a part of Your Buffer Page (more on that in the next section).

You may be thinking...isn't it harder to get someone to Optin then just buy...why should I care about Subscribers??  Why wouldn't I just get people to visit my blog posts with Affiliate links on them?

The Answer is Simple.

If you simply push Traffic to an Offer, you may get a person to Buy that offer once.  When you have a dedicated Subscriber, they will buy from you over and over and over again.

When you understand then understand LTV.  

LTV stands for Life-time​ Value.

Life-time Value

When you understand that the LTV of a Subscriber on your Mailing List​ is worth 100 Times more then a single purchase, then you will understand the power of creating a Mailing list of dedicated subscribers.

A visitors who makes a purchase through direct Traffic to Your blog might buy a product from You one time.  His value is based on one transaction.  A Subscriber on Your mailing list may buy from you 6 times in 12 months or even more.  

Single Purchase Value is: Your Commission - Your Advertising Cost = One Time Value​​

Example:  Single Purchase:  $27 - $4 = $23 in Profit

Long Term Subscriber Purchase Value is:  Multiple Purchase Commissions - Your Advertising Cost = Lifetime Value​​

Example:  6 Purchases Over a Year:  $27 x 6 - $4 = $158 in Profit

This is why a Subscriber has 100 Times more value in your business then a single buyer who is not on your mailing list.​

This is why we offer them a high value Lead Magnet to get them to Subscribe.​

Once they do this, they have shown interest in our subject, now its time to show them the rest of your Funnel and get them to the next Step in the process.

*For Optin Forms and Content Upgrades, I use the Thrive Leads plugin for WordPress.

*I use Drip's Email Marketing Service for all my email marketing needs.  You can get started at Drip for 100% Free using this link now!

Step 4:  Buffer Pages & Qualifying Buyers

Profit Funnels - Step 4

Your Lead Magnet worked and you have a new Subscriber/ Lead who is ready to hear your pearls of wisdom and see what you have to offer next.

When you are pushing a brand new subscriber to an Affiliate Offer, more times then not they are not necessarily ready to buy.  This can all be tested and is always dependent on the offer and the power of your Lead Magnet.​  

This is why I like to use Buffer Pages and Qualifiers in my Profit Funnels.

Buffer Pages

Buffer Pages warm up our Subscribers and they make them more interested in the Main Offer. This gets them excited about the benefit and value of what can be done with the product you are recommending to them.​

A Buffer page is nothing more then a page you create in order to lead into the Affiliate offer which is going to be presented.​

Buffer Pages can be dedicated Landing pages you create to promote a specific offer or to offer a detailed Review.  In most cases Buffer Pages are simply Blog Posts which provide the visitor with insight into the value of how the product can be used effectively to help them and take care of the problems they may have.​

Buffer Pages can be used before the Lead Magnet in the funnel flow and they can also be blog posts which have Lead Magnets embed in the content as Content Upgrades.  See below:

Buffer Pages used before or With Lead Magnets

These pages can be used in your Profit Funnels in a way which fits the flow the best.  Think of it from a user's perspective and construct the flow in a way that makes sense.  Don't add something just because.  Make sure there is a good reason for it.​

The Qualifier is something different.


When you move on to the next Phase in the System and start creating your own products; you will want to use a Qualifier to warm up your Subscribers into a buying mood.

Some people call this a Tripwire.  A low cost offer (like $7-$10) which creates a low barrier to entry to get a high value product for a low price.

I call it a Qualifier because it Qualifies your Lead as a Buyer. In most cases, once a person Buys, it creates an avalanche of Buying.

When a visitor buys your Qualifier (or Tripwire) they might not have even thought about Buying, but now they have and the next offer they see will be the Main Offer or an Upsell and they will be 150% more likely to buy.  

Why?  Because the element of trust has been established and a need is being fulfilled by the Qualifier at a very low price.  This like barrier to entry elicits a positive response in buyers and is one of the most effective marketing tactics You can use

This chain of Upsells and Offers in this type of system can go on and on.  Depending on the Product Vendor (f you are promoting a product as an Affiliate) or what your offer is (if you are promoting your own products), this offer chain can be built with tons of Upsells and Downsells depending if the Buyer continues to Buy or not.​

The Buffer Pages and the Qualifier (Tripwire Offer) creates a flow in the offer chain which is enticing and grows with each level to increase Buyer trust, interest, and excitement.

If the Product Vendor has a great sales page, you may not have to do this, but if the sales page jumps right into things, you may need to explain the value of the offer and its benefits (without directly talking about the offer itself) in order to warm your Lead up before they hit the sales page.

This is where you can make a ton of additional money on top of what you might have initially expected, depending on the presentation of this Sales Funnels and its value.

Not all Affiliate Products you find will have a Qualifier/ Tripwire and those are the ones which most often times require the Buffer Pages in order to Convert to Sales effectively.​

The Affiliate products you promote which do have effective Qualifying Offers will tend to make more sales for you coming from a Lead Magnet then those which don't.

The important thing is understanding their power and their effect on the psychology of buying and how it effects potential buyers in your Profit Funnel.​

Now that they are buying, it is time to make sure they keep coming back...​

Step 5:  Bring Them Back for More

Profit Funnels - Step 5

This Step is what sets apart the Guru's and the wanna be's.

When you understand that just because a person does not Optin to your Lead Magnet right way, look at your Buffer Pages, buy your Qualifier, or even buy the Main Offer; that they are NOT lost.

You can get them back even if they never Opted in to your Lead Magnet.

There are all types of people. Some people take more time to warm up to an idea (or an Offer) then others.

It can take multiple touch-points/ engagements and exposure to an offer to make this happen.  In marketing, it is said it can take up to Five (5) Touch-points for a person to gain enough trust to buy from you.

These touch-points can be blog posts, a series of emails, or retargeting ads.​

You have probably seen this or been hit by these yourself.

It is all a part of the same System and once these are integrated into​ your Profit Funnels they turn into automated profit machines for Your business.

Create an Email Series

In order to maximize our profits and get the most out of our Advertising dollars, it is important to create an email series for each Step in the process to keep your Leads interested and exposed to the idea.

This email cycle never ends as we continue to push a never ending stream of new and old Profit Funnels to our Subscribers in order to keep building Profits month after month. 

An email series can be as simple as one or two emails or a complete email course which spans weeks and months.  It all depends on what value is required to keep people coming back for more in Your niche.

The tougher the niche, the more You need to give and Your emails need to have high value in order to keep Your Subscribers on Your mailing list.​


In the age of high powered data, we can also capture new Leads and Sales from those who didn't Optin take our Lead Magnet and ​Join our Mailing List right away.

We can do this through the power of Retargeting.  

We can run retargeting ads on Facebook, Twitter, and millions of sites across the web and we can do it for pennies. ​

And, once we have convinced them to Subscribe, we can get them back to each part of our Funnel based on their actions through Retargeting as well.

It is literally the most powerful tool available to you on the web and it costs very little and works incredibly well.  Retargeting is the single most cost effective way to get people back to Your offer and to buy.  It helps ad to the "touch-points" we talked about above and it helps show that You have a high degree of Authority since  you "seem to be everywhere".

By creating a way to bring potential Leads and Customers back to your Content over and over you increase your profitability by 327%.

Creating a System which never stops is the key to not just building a long term Profit system, but building a long term money making solution for your own business.​

Step 6: Rinse, Repeat, and Test!

Understand that this is just the beginning.  There is so much more to building Your Business online and here at we help you go there and beyond.  This is simply the first step and you can see how powerful it is already.

The key is to test and find Lead Magnets which convert well for you and are able to push highly targeted Subscribers to your offers.  You then test your offers to make sure they convert well too and that each and every funnel you create makes you money.​

With all of these tools in our arsenal​, you can see how just this System alone can allow You to Build a massive Mailing List of dedicated Subscribers and turn them into a non-stop Profit Machine through the power of Profit Funnels.

The power in this system is you can do it with or without your own products!

But it is just the beginning of so much more!

All you have to do now is start implementing this system on your own or you can Get Started with our Resources and Training here.

There is nothing crazy here.  No gimmicks, just tried and tested real world tactics used by businesses every single day.

This is how I built my business and what I use to grow my business every single day and now you can too.

If you want to build a real, sustainable, and profitable business online you cannot chase Gimmicks.

You need a System.

The System is here for you and we will take you through it every Step of the way.

All you have to do is follow the Steps and you will make money beyond your dreams.

Do nothing and you will continue to go nowhere.

Are You Ready?  Get Started Now!​

Mike Johnson

Mike is a Wordpress Power User and Developer with over 40 Plugins, Themes, and Wordpress tools authored by him and his team. Mike is also the creator of some of the most powerful Blogging and Internet Marketing training available on the web with titles such as the Auto Blog Blueprint, Profit Marketer, and much more!

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