How to Start a Blog:

The Beginner's Ultimate Over-the-Shoulder Video Guide

Your Online Video Guide to Creating a Fully Optimized Blog (Even if You Don't Know Anything About Blogging)

*Updated March 26, 2018

Want to create a professional looking, money making blog that earns a passive income month after month, year after year?

If you do, then this complete step by step Video guide is for you.

My name is Mike Johnson.

I built my first website in 1998 and have been a full-time professional blogger since 2003.

I have created over 400 blogs, 4 blogging courses, 40+ blog (WordPress) plugins and themes, and I am the owner/ creator of the Starter Academy site you are on right now.

I know blogging and and I know how tough it can be to get started.

That's where this guide comes in.​​​​

If you want to create a blog that is optimized for traffic, subscribers, sales, and monthly passive profits; then this is the setup guide for you.

If you want to Setup a Blog today that is speed and security optimized and ready for Profit, then Go to Step 1 Now!

Why You Should Use This Guide:

Want to create a professional looking, money making blog that earns a passive income month after month, year after year?

Want to be able to do all this in under an Hour?

If you do, then this Guide is for You!

This is by far the easiest to use Blog Setup Guide available online and its 100% Free for you to use!

Plus, this is the only Startup Guide for Beginners where we show you how to add insane speed and security to your blog like the Pros do with just a couple clicks!

If you are installing and setting up a new blog and turning it into a new business without a SSL Certificate (Free with this Guide), then you are using the wrong setup!

It's crazy easy and I will be there to show you everything!

Inside the Guide you will be able to follow along in the Video Tutorials and watch over my shoulder while I show you how to setup, build, and grow your blog following these Steps:

Look hard?  Don't worry, it isn't.  

I will show how to get setup like the Pros and you can do it all in the next hour!  


With this Guide you will be able to Launch Your Blog in under an Hour! 

We Use WordPress for all of our blogs.  It is used by 90% of the Websites on the web.  I'm sure you have been on hundreds of sites powered by WordPress and you didn't even know it.  Its the best for a reason and now you get to have it too - For 100% Free and in less than an hour!

WordPress doesn't cost a dime and its insanely easy to use.  

All you will ever have to pay for is your Website Hosting and we've negotiated a 60% Off deal at the Number #1 Rated Host on the Web! 


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Why WordPress is Your Best Blogging Option

Trying to figure out if you want to use a "Free" Blog Service or if you want to use WordPress?

Don't know either way?

Let me explain.

There are tons of free blogging services on the web. is even one of them.

There is another WordPress though, its Free as well, but is called the "self-hosted" version.

I recommend using this free option overall others


First off, its EASY to Learn and Use!

Second, when you are building a business online, it doesn't matter how small it may start, you want it to be able to grow.

With free services, the only way to grow is to eventually use their Paid/ Premium services.

When you use the self-hosted version of WordPress from Day 1, you can build a web business without limits and what's even better?

You own 100% of it no matter where you host it!

You can move your blog anywhere and grow it and market it without limits.

Plus, WordPress is used by over 90% of the web's best websites and now you can too!

This is why I recommend this as your one and only best option.

Make sense?

Create Any Type Of Website with this Guide

WIth your WordPress blog you can create any type of website.

You can design it any way you want using any of WordPress' free or premium themes.

With WordPress' advanced functionality, you can create any type of website you want.

This Guide has been used to create Fitness blogs, Personal Trainer blogs, Membership sites, Coupon Sites, Viral Sites, Small Business websites, local marketing sites, Marketplaces, and even complex ecommerce stores.

The list goes on and on.

Today, you can start your own Journey by starting your own blog.

Are You Ready?