CSS Essentials: Design Basics for Website Owners

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As a website owner you will find numerous times where you want to change the way something on your site looks.  Maybe the spacing is just off a bit or you want those darn light blue links to be just a little bit darker.

That is where CSS comes into play and now with CSS3, not only do you have more fine tuned control over the way things on your site look, but you can literally make HTML and PHP faster by using CSS.

Knowing CSS basics, just like HTML Basics, will give you the ability to take care of menial, 30 second tasks without the need to pay a developer or a designer to do so.  Just like HTML, there are a lot of Plugins and Themes for WordPress which also come with the option to modify the CSS so you can make everything look exactly the way you want it to.

With the CSS Essentials Course here, now you can.​

Whether you need some quick help or you want to take in the entire course, the CSS Essentials Course is always here to help you when you need it.​

Get Started with the CSS Essentials Video Course Below Now!​

CSS Essentials

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Introduction to CSS:  Getting Started

Lesson 1:  CSS Syntax

Lesson 2:  Inline CSS

Lesson 3:  Internal CSS

Lesson 4:  External CSS

Lesson 5:  CSS Link Styles

Lesson 6:  CSS Comment Tag

Lesson 7:  CSS ID Selector

Lesson 8:  CSS Class Selector

Lesson 9:  CSS Validation

Lesson 10:  CSS Font Size

Lesson 11:  CSS Font Color

Lesson 12:  CSS Text Alignment

Lesson 13:  CSS Font Family

Lesson 14:  CSS Font Style

Lesson 15:  CSS Text Shadow

Lesson 16:  CSS Box Shadow

Lesson 17:  CSS Box

Lesson 18:  CSS Rounded Box Corners

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