HTML Essentials: Basics Every Website Owner Should Know

HTML Essentials for Business

Every Solo Entrepreneur who runs their own web business and website needs to have a basic understanding of HTML.  While using WordPress to build and manage our online business makes things easy, the use of basic snippets of HTML comes into play all the time.  

For example, let's say you want to change the padding on an image or a table you are using on your site or you have a plugin which offers great functionality, but it requires a few HTML modifications to look just the way you want it to.

Knowing HTML basics not only will help you finish off tasks quicker, it will also allow you to save a lot of money by being able to accomplish quick 30 second tasks you might otherwise need to pay a Developer for or do hours of tedious research on the web to learn when you could have done it in an hour right here.

Whether you need some quick help or you want to take in the entire course, the HTML Essentials Course is always here to help you when you need it.​

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HTML Essentials

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Introduction:  HTML and HTML5

Lesson 1:  Creating a Basic Page

Lesson 2:  HTML Editors

Lesson 3:  Saving Files

Lesson 4:  HTML Nesting

Lesson 5:  HTML Colors

Lesson 6:  HTML Site Navigation Links

Lesson 7:  HTML Link Targets

Lesson 8:  HTML Images

Lesson 9:  HTML Comments Tag

Lesson 10:  HTML Meta Tags

Lesson 11:  HTML5 Audio Tags

Lesson 12:  HTML5 Video Tags

Lesson 13:  HTML Ordered Lists

Lesson 14:  HTML Un-Ordered Lists

Lesson 15:  HTML HR Tags

Lesson 16:  HTML Validation

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