Photoshop Expert: Learn Design Faster then Ever Before

Designing Images

Whether you need to create graphics, optimize photos, or design complete websites, Adobe Photoshop is the tool of choice in the design industry along with its brother, Adobe Illustrator.  Photoshop is the mother of all design tools. 

The problem is Photoshop can be a monster.  Just one look inside its interface can make anyone feel dumb.  In reality though, it isn't that hard.  You just need someone to show you the ropes to learn how easy, yet extremely powerful Photoshop is and why it can be one of the single best tools for your online business.

The Photoshop Expert course below goes through every aspect of Photoshop without any complicated jargon or unnecessary blabbering.  It was created so you can become an "Expert" at using Photoshop quickly and easily without spending 100 hours of training time to do it. 

The course is also laid out in small bits so if you already know how to use Photoshop somewhat and just need to learn about individual tasks and tools inside it, it will be easy to do.

Now you will be able to master Photoshop quickly and will be able to remove the headaches and costs associated with hiring designers to do menial or even advanced tasks you will now be able to do on your own.

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Photoshop Expert

Click on the Arrows below to open up the content and videos for each lesson.

Lesson 1:  Introduction to the Tools Panel

Lesson 2:  Introduction to Workspaces

Lesson 3:  Document Settings

Lesson 4:  Editing Existing Documents/ Images

Lesson 5:  Saving Documents/ Images

Lesson 6:  Sizing Tabs

Lesson 7:  Saving for the Web

Lesson 8:  Color Modes

Lesson 9:  Document/ Image Editing

Lesson 10:  Image Adjustments 1-4 (4 Videos)

Lesson 11:  Transform Tools

Lesson 12:  Adding and Subtracting Sections

Lesson 13:  Blur and Sharpen Images

Lesson 14:  Using Brushes

Lesson 15:  Clone Healing

Lesson 16:  Cropping Images

Lesson 17:  Dodge Burn

Lesson 18:  Gradient Tool

Lesson 19:  Lasso Tools

Lesson 20:  The Magic Wand

Lesson 21:  Marquee Tools

Lesson 22:  Path Tools

Lesson 23:  Understanding Layers

Lesson 24:  Layers Options

Lesson 25:  Layers Masks Adjustments

Lesson 26:  Working with Type

Lesson 27:  Type Warp

Lesson 28:  The Filter Gallery

Lesson 29:  Filters - Blur, Distort, Pixelate

Lesson 30:  Filters - Noise, Render, Sharpen, Stylize

Lesson 31:  Oil Paint Filter

Photoshop Quick Fixes

Need to make changes fast or fix a current project?  Check out the quick fix tutorials below.

Quick Fix 1:  Web Buttons

Quick Fix 2:  3D Reflective Type

Quick Fix 3:  Backgrounds

Quick Fix 4:  Color Silhouette 

Quick Fix 5:  Removing Backgrounds

Quick Fix 6:  Replacing Colors

Quick Fix 7:  Restoring Photos

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