Webmaster Essentials: Getting Started with Website Management

Webmaster Essentials

One of the biggest hurdles for new website owners is the back end administrative requirements of running a website.   You go into your web business thinking all you need to do is setup your website and start making money, but the reality is you have another job.  


Its easy to forget that the biggest priority in getting started with your own web business is the hosting and back end setup of your website.  Website Hosting can be a major headache if you don't pick the right host and even worse yet if the management portion of it is out of line with what you need.

With our focus being on building websites with WordPress (along with 13 Million+ other website owners), the Hosting requirements are focused mainly on Linux based systems with PHP as the primary programming language and MySQL Databases set as the primary destination for storing our website content.

With this being said, picking the right host can be extremely difficult for a someone just starting out in this business.  Heck, even for seasoned veterans it can be a daunting task depending on what you need.  this is why we recommend and us cPanel and Web Host Manager (WHM) configured website hosting setups.

cPanel and WHM make it easy to setup and use our websites, but starting out with everything, including connecting your domain name, FTP, email, MySQL Database setup, and a host of other required services can be a little overwhelming unless you know what you are doing.

Here in the WebMaster Essentials Course we outline everything you need to know when setting up your Hosting account with cPanel and there is even a little special help here with WordPress and more.

As for selecting a Web Host for your business, check out the Helpful Resources section below for a few of our Recommended Hosts.

Go through the Training below and learn how to get your business off to the right start by putting on your Expert Webmaster Hat!

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Webmaster Essentials

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Lesson 1:  Acquiring Your Domain Name

Lesson 2:  Website Hosting

Lesson 3:  Nameservers (Connecting Your Domain to Your Host)

Lesson 4:  Introduction to cPanel

Lesson 5:  Email Accounts

Lesson 6:  Email Forwarding

Lesson 7:  Connecting Gmail

Lesson 8:  Using a Gmail Forwarder

Lesson 9:  cPanel Logs

Lesson 10:  Using the Security Panel

Lesson 11:  Password Protecting Folders

Lesson 12:  Creating MySQL Databases

Lesson 13:  Installing WordPress from cPanel

Lesson 14:  Creating URL Redirects in cPanel

Lesson 15:  Creating a Favicon (Browser Icon Image)

Lesson 16:  Backup and Restore Your Website

Managing Files with FTP and FileZilla

Managing files on your website can be very easy when you have the knowledge to do it and a great Free software tool like FileZilla.  Go through the Bonus Lessons below to aid in being a great Webmaster for your web business.

Introduction:  What is FTP?

Lesson 1:  FTP Login Information

Lesson 2:  Download & Install FileZilla

Lesson 3:  Connecting to Your FTP Server

Lesson 4:  Secure Connections

Lesson 5:  Transferring Files

Lesson 6:  Editing Live Site Files

Lesson 7:  Resuming File Transfers

Lesson 8:  Importing and Exporting FileZilla Settings

Lesson 9:  Finding and Displaying Hidden Files

Helpful Resources:

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