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Let Us Help You Start and Grow Your Blog Business Online with our One-of-a-Kind eLearning Model.


30 Day Blog Launch Blueprint

The 30 Day Blog Launch Blueprint

Just getting started?  Learn how to start and grow your blog using our signature beginner course.  The 30 Day Blog Launch Blueprint will show you how to plan, setup, and create your first blog content and more in just 30 days.  If you're a rock star, you can do it even faster!

Plus, learn how to pick your niche, get hosting, install your blog, configure it for optimal security, and more with our 3 Beginner Series Over-the-Shoulder Video Courses that will show you how to do everything Step-by-Step!

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Inside the Starter Academy

More than just an "Online Course", the Starter Academy provides you with the resources you need to plan, start, grow, and build a long-term money making blog based business using our one-of-a-kind eLearning system.

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Find Your Perfect Niche

Your Niche and Profit Plan - Picking the Right Niche for Your Blog Starts Here

Turn your blog idea into a blog business with the perfect niche and validate your blog's profit plan.

Create the Perfect Blog

The Perfect Blog Setup Course

Creating the perfect business starts with the perfect blog setup. Start everything right here now.

Create the Perfect Brand

Social Media and Site Design - Optimizing Your Brand Across Multiple Channels

Turn your branding plan into an incredible site design and social medial graphics plan.  

Your First 1000 Subscribers

Learn how to get your first 1000 Subscribers from content and lead magnets, to optin forms and more.

Create Perfect Content

Content Planning and Optimization

Make every blog post a cash machine when you learn how to turn Topics into Pillars and Pillars into traffic.

Optimize Every Post

Optimize every blog post and image for SEO using the ultimate content plan. Unlock the SEO power of each post.

Turn on Affiliate Profits

Affiliate Profit Funnels - Put your affiliate profits on autopilot

Put affiliate profits on autopilot using this step by step process for turning affiliate offers into non-stop profits.

Turn on Product Profits

Have your own product? Unlock autopilot profits with the Profit Funnel system at its best here.

Grow and Scale Everything

Fine Tuning and Scaling Your Blog Business

Finish off your site and learn how to scale your profits and build your business for the long term!

1-on-1 Coaching

Mike Johnson Starter Academy

The 60 Minute Starter

Not getting anywhere with Your business and need a clearly defined path to help You get on track?

In these 60 minute sessions we will take on Your current challenges, identify needs, and come up with precise and detailed solutions for success.  Get past your current obstacles and move You and Your business forward.

Note:  You will need to fill out my 1-on-1 Coaching Application before scheduling.  I need to identify Your issues so we can spend our time on solutions and not just discussing problems.

*There is a Waiting List which currently goes beyond 7 Days.

Price:  $199/ Hour

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