The Starter Academy Framework

Want to know where the Starter Academy training will take you?  It all starts here!  By the time you are done with the Academy training, your business will embody the setup, organization, and flow of the Framework Overview shown below.

Here at the Starter Academy we have broken down the cornerstones of building a Predictable Selling System for Your Blog into five (5) required elements.  Each element represented below is required in order to create long term passive profits for your blog based business. 

Using these elements, we will show you how to build more than just another Blog.  We will show you how to build a highly profitable blog based business.

The 5 Required Elements to a Successful Online Business Are:

In order to put these elements into action, we start with a self-hosted WordPress blog, optimize it for SEO and Social Media, and then organize and build out its structure in a way to maximize its effectiveness for almost any online business model.

The Four (4) Building Blocks of the Starter Academy Framework

The Phases listed below incorporate the 5 required elements for a successful online business.  When building your blog, each one of these Phases listed below will help you implement the essential elements so you can build a profitable long-term passive income.

*The Starter Academy Framework uses color codes to highlight the Phase of training you are in.  Each color is represented below.  You will see this throughout your training.

Phase 1: CORE

CORE is where you will develop and establish goals, educate yourself on the intricacies which go with building a business online, conduct Market Research, identify your core audience, identify your base Customer Avatar, and find which products you will focus on selling (affiliate or your own) and provide yourself with the motivation and time required to achieve everything you set out to do.

Phase 2: START

START is where you will focus on starting your blog, finding the right host, building your logo and brand, and conducting base optimizations for your site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media.  You will also build out your site, its pages, and your content (including your Content Plan).  

Phase 3: GROW

GROW is where you will focus on the systems which allow your business and "Predictable Selling System" to run on autopilot.  From Lead Generation to Sales Funnels and everything in-between, this Phase is one of your most important and will allow you to scale your profits and market your business.  This Phase is always moving and changing as you test and identify better ways to automate your business workflows.

Phase 4: BUILD

BUILD is where you will focus on fine tuning your processes, improving your business management, learn how to improve your skills as a business owner, and ultimately learn how to start building a team or add employees to your business.  The BUILD Phase never ends.

The Starter Academy Framework uses a highly optimized Blog Setup Blueprint to Structure and Organize Your Blog.

*You will setup your blog using the blog structure blueprint and organization outlined below.

This blog setup and organization allows you to build any kind of blog based business you want.  It can flex in any direction, but is highly optimized for both your users and search engines like Google.  Read about the Blog Setup Blueprint here.

Next Comes Your Decision:

Are You a Blogger or a Product Creator?

In the Starter Academy Framework, we focus on two (2) Primary Tracks that are virtually identical except for the primary business goal.  If your primary goal is to blog and promote affiliate products and advertising, then you will use the Content Blogger Track.  If your primary goal is to sell your own digital products or services, then you will use the Product Blogger Funnel Track.

It is up to you to decide which Track to start with.

*If you are a beginner and are not ready to create your own products, start with the Content Blogger Funnel and then gradually move your blog business into the Product Blogger Funnel over time.  

Which One Are You?

Content Blogger Track

The Content Blogger business model allows you to build your business through Blogging (Content Marketing) and Affiliate Marketing/ Advertising and Partnerships.  On the surface it might look like any ordinary blog.  Once you get into the training, you will see it is much more.  

*The graphic below shows you the traffic paths, content focus, email marketing, affiliate funnel, retargeting, and overall flow you can expect when you implement this business model.

Product Blogger Track

The Product Blogger business model allows you to build your business through Content Marketing and the promotion of your own Digital Products.  

*The graphic below shows you the traffic paths, content focus, email marketing, Product Sales Funnel, retargeting, and overall flow you can expect when you implement this business model.

​​​​This is the Starter Academy Framework.  

This Framework will be an integral part of your training throughout your time here at the Starter Academy.  Using it, you will be able to build your business from the ground up into what you see above.

Confused?  Don't worry, we will take you through everything Step by Step.

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