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Getting Started

Here at the Starter Academy, everything is focused on achieving ONE GOAL:

Starting and Growing Your Blog into a Full Time Business

If you already have a Blog, you may not need every course or piece of content below, but even if you do, it is highly recommended that you go through all the Steps here to ensure you and and your blog is "Optimized" for Traffic, Leads, and Profits.

Are You Ready:  Let's Go!

Step 1

Preparation, Research, & Planning - Core

Step 1 contains the building blocks (CORE) of your business.  This is where it all begins.  Research, Validation, Planning. and more.  Complete each Task below in order to achieve maximum results when preparing and planning for your blog business.

  1. Time Calculator - Identify How Much Time You Can Dedicate to Your Business.
  2. Identify and Create Goals - Use the S.M.A.R.T Goals Worksheet.
  3. Fast Track Guide - Blog Business Planning Checklist (Download Here)
  4. Planning Your Blog Business Worksheet (Download Here)
  5. Conduct Niche and Market Research - Complete the Mini-Course here.
  6. Purchase Your Domain Name - Complete the last lesson in Task #4 above.

The 30 Day Blog Launch Blueprint

Before you get started with the Steps above, download and read the 30 Day Blog Launch Blueprint.  It will give you a Day by Day Blueprint for building your new blog business.  

It will also help you get a big picture view of what the Video Training will teach you while you are going through the Academy.  The 30 Day Blueprint is a 30,000 foot view of everything you will start here and it will give you a realistic 30 Day Plan of Action for getting started today!

Step 2

Install, Setup, and Structure Your Blog - START

Step 2 is where we Start Your Blog.  The Goal setting, research, and planning is done.  Now its time to put your plan into action.  In this Step you will install, setup, structure, and design your blog.  Complete each task below in order.

Blog Optimized

Learn how to start, build, and grow a passive profit optimized blog in just 8 weeks!

Blog Optimized Starter Edition

Learn how to Start a New Blog and have it Live and ready to go in an Hour or Less!


From Idea to Profitable Blog

Upgrade Membership Plan

GDPR and Your WordPress Blog – Getting Setup

Upgrade Membership Plan

Step 3

Content Planning, Research, and SEO - START

Your Content Planning, SEO, and Content Flow plans will help you easily turn every blog post and piece of content you create into a part of your affiliate and product sales processes.  It all flows together, but the content planning is the most important part of your blog's success and it starts here in Step 3.

  1. Content Planning Part 1 - Blog Optimized Content Planning will get you on track to make every blog post profitable.
  2. Content Planning Part 2 - Optimize Your Content for SEO and finish your content flow planning here.

Step 4

Level II Courses - GROW

If you want to put your sales processes on Autopilot, then you need automation and sales funnels are what you need to do it.  Grow your blog and blog profits with automated sales processes that just plan work.

  1. Affiliate Profit Funnels - Turn your Affiliate Promotions into automated money making machines.
  2. Product Profit Funnels - Have your own digital product?  Learn how to create Sales Funnels that run on autopilot and make non-stop cash.

Step 5

Productivity - BUILD

Here you will find Productivity Courses and Training Guides that will help you fine tune the skills which will make you a better Solopreneur.  You won't need every course here today, but at some point in your blog business building journey you will.

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